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2023 Ranking of UK Video Game Schools and Studios

A significant player in the video game industry

The United Kingdom is home to many well-known video game development studios such as Rockstar North, Creative Assembly, and Codemasters. According to the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), the video game industry in the UK generated approximately £3.9 billion in sales in 2020, equivalent to €4.4 billion, representing an 11.2% increase from the previous year.

The country is also host to numerous video game industry events, such as the London Games Festival and EGX (formerly known as Eurogamer Expo). For schools, there are the TIGA UK Games Education Awards. The UK has a strong community of gamers and video game fans, with many e-sports competitions and tournaments held each year.

Regarding revenue, the UK ranks fifth in the world for the video game industry, following the USA, Japan, China, and France. However, it should be noted that these figures do not take into account online video game sales, which have grown significantly in recent years and can significantly influence the overall revenue of the video game industry in each country.


with the Highest Video Game Job Placement Rates


studios that recruited the most graduates in 2022

top 5 video game schools in the UK ☆ 

Dozens of schools in the United Kingdom offer training programs in video game development, and their students produce game projects, some of which remain confidential.

There are many game development competitions organized in the country, such as the BAFTA Games Awards, the UK Games Fund, and the TIGA Awards. These competitions provide students with an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents and to win prizes and recognition for their projects.

#1 Staffordshire University

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Bachelor's £9,250 (UK), £16,750 (non-UK)

Master's £9,830 (UK), £16,750 (non-UK

Staffordshire University opened its first video game program in 1997. Originally specializing in sciences, the university has since expanded its program offerings to include digital arts and has become a recognized player in higher education for video game studies in the United Kingdom. It boasts modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for training in these fields.

In 2019, Staffordshire University opened a new campus, the London Digital Institute, entirely dedicated to digital careers, which also offers a BSc in Computer Games Design.




Kai N Tonga (2022) Platform adventure game with stunning scenery and color palettes. Awarded first prize in Level Design at GradEx22. Nominated for the TIGA Education Awards 2022..

Cyberunner 2054 (2022). Dystopian Cyberpunk Future-style action game. Featuring a dark and atmospheric setting accentuated by neon colors, this Final Year Project showcases exceptional quality and sophistication in its environments.


The major video game studios that have hired alumni from Staffordshire University since 2018 include:


Half of the former graduates from Staffordshire University who have entered the video game industry since 2018 hold artistic roles. Among Game Artists, the most prominent position is 3D artist, accounting for 32%.

#2 abertay university

Dundee, Scotland 

Bachelor's £1,820 (Scotland), £9,250 (UK), £15,500 (non-UK)

Master's £7,700 (Scotland), £10,200 (UK), £17,000 (non-UK)

Abertay University was the first university in the world to offer a degree in game development and has since become a leader in the field. 

Many professionals in the game industry have studied at Abertay, and the university has partnered with leading game companies to provide internship and career opportunities for its students. All of this has contributed to making Abertay one of the most renowned universities in the world for game development education.



Mankind's March (2022)

Retracked (2022)


The following is a list of the main video game studios that have recruited Abertay University alumni since 2018

Out of all the schools in this UK ranking, Abertay University alumni who entered the video game industry since 2018 are mostly employed in technical roles, with 35% of them being in technical positions, including 28% as programmers. Additionally, 

Abertay has the highest proportion of alumni employed as game designers (36%), engineers (7%), and producers (7%).

#3 teesside University 

Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire

Bachelor's £9,250 (UK), £15,000 (non-UK)

Master's £7,365 (UK), £15,000 (non-UK)

Teesside University offers a Bachelor of Science in Video Game Development program that aims to equip students with the technical and creative skills required to succeed in the video game industry. 

The curriculum covers the use of the latest tools and technologies for developing games on various platforms, as well as game design principles and project management. 

Additionally, TU offers other programs related to video game development, such as the Master of Science in Video Game Development and the Master of Science in Video Game Design.



Teesside University students produce around 20 video game projects annually, which are of high quality and available on the Expotees website.

Shadow Shifter (2022)

Platform Pursuit (2022)


The following is a list of the main video game studios that have recruited Teesside University graduates since 2018


The overall profile of Teesside University alumni who have entered the video game industry since 2018 is heavily focused on art, with a high proportion of 55%, including 52% game artists, the highest rate in this ranking. Of these, 30% are 3D artists and 7% character artists.

In addition, 24% are game designers and 19% are programmers.

#4 Falmouth University

Falmouth, Cornwall

BA/BSc from £9,250 (UK) to £17.460 (non-UK)

MA/MSc from £8,950 (UK) to £19.300 (non-UK)

Falmouth University was one of the first academic institutions in the world to offer video game training programs, and it continues to be recognized as a leading university in the field. 

The university offers bachelor's and master's degree programs in video games, as well as doctoral courses in video game research. Falmouth's video game education programs cover a wide range of topics, including game design, game development, game animation, game audio, and interactive storytelling.



Every year, Falmouth University students create approximately 30 video game projects, many of which are accessible through the Game Academy Digital Expo website.

BladeGunners (2022)

ChronoMania: Blast From The Past (2022)


The following is a list of the main video game studios that have recruited Falmouth University alumni since 2018


Since 2018, the majority of Falmouth University alumni recruited into video game professions have been oriented towards artistic roles (47%). Of these, 23% are 3D artists and 9% character artists.

33% are employed as game designers, and 19% as programmers.

#5 Bournemouth University 

Bournemouth, Dorset

Master's: £8,500 (UK), £15,750 (non-UK)

Bournemouth University has a strong reputation for video game programs. It has a School of Game Design that offers degrees in game design, game programming, game art and game storytelling. The university also has a video game research center called BU GameLab, which focuses on video game research and its impact on society. In addition, 

BU regularly hosts events and conferences on video games, and welcomes professionals from the gaming industry to talk about their work and experience.



Polyworlds (2022)

Cybersprint (2022)


The following is a list of the main video game studios that have hired Bournemouth University graduates since 2018

The overall profile of Bournemouth University alumni who have entered the video game industry since 2018 is very strongly art-oriented, with 60% of positions held, including the highest rate of technical artists at 16%. 

44% are game artists (including 25% 3D artists and 7% core game artists), 19% are game designers and 18% are programmers.