TOP 5 video game schools


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schools with the best job placement results in the video game industry


studios that have recruited the most graduates

#1 ISART Digital

Paris, France

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#2 BUas - Breda University of Applied Sciences

Breda, Netherlands

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#3 Rubika

  Valenciennes, France

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#4 ESAT - Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología

Valencia, Spain

ESAT is a highly specialized school teaching animation, video game design, graphic design and photography. Its main programs are related to the video game industry, and its post-graduate programs are all in the digital field. Three of its degree programs (3 years each) have a specific focus on video games. 


In the final year, students can study in the UK, leading to the UK Higher National Diploma (HND). To this end, ESAT has signed agreements with leading British universities, such as Teesside University.


The quality of the more than 30 video games produced by ESAT students since 2016 largely explains the school's position in this ranking.

Aces in the Dust (2021). Complex and immersive game with exceptionally beautiful visual effects. Winner of the GDWC 2022 Hobby Award (Fan Choice)

Twin Stones: The Journey of Bukka (2021). 3D platformer with stunning landscapes and perfectly paced gameplay.


ESAT provides 70 graduates a year (30 programmers, 30 artists and 10 designers). 

Main game studios that have recruited ESAT graduates since 2018:

Most of the main recruiters of recent graduates from ESAT are globally renowned studios specialized in the production of AAA games. 2K Games, considered one of the most prestigious, stands out with its subsidiaries 31st Union and elite3d. All of them provide exceptional opportunities for ESAT graduates.

Some graduates have also joined renowned foreign studios such as Creative Assembly and Abstraction, known for their high-quality games. The Multiplayer Group (MPG) and Keytoon Animation Studio, S.L., whose activities are more diversified, are also significant players in the industry, serving as suppliers to major studios for the creation of top-tier games.

In the category of AA and mobile game developers, Codigames, Brave Zebra, and Beast Burst Entertainment are well-established studios, each with dozens of collaborators, offering exciting opportunities to express creativity with often greater freedom.


ESAT alumni who have joined the video game industry since 2018 are evenly split between artistic and technical roles. Artists account for 50% of positions, including 3D Artists (26%) and 3D Modellers (9%). Technical functions concern 44% of the graduates.

#5 U-tad - University of Technology, Arts and Design 

Madrid, Spain

U-tad is considered a pure player university as all of its 29 programs focus on digital professions, including eight dedicated to video games. The university was established in 2011 by the founder of animation studio Ilion and mobile game studio Pyro Studios. Its development has been in close collaboration with industry professionals who make up the majority of the faculty and provide material resources.



U-tad is the Spanish university that has won the most awards for academic video game projects, including several Titanium Awards at the Fun&Serious Games Festival, Gamelab Awards, PlayStation Talents, and at South by Southwest in the United States.

Howl of Iron (2022)

Maskerade: The Deadpan Cry (2022)


Main video game studios that have hired U-tad alumni since 2018:

These studios offer a wide range of career opportunities. U-tad graduates have a strong presence in prestigious studios such as Saber Interactive Spain, 2K, MercurySteam, and Electronic Arts (EA), known for their world-famous AAA games. 

Among the independent studios, Pendulo Studios specializes in crafting adventure games with immersive narratives. Aheartfulofgames S.L. and Stage Clear Studios offer considerable artistic freedom for the development of unique and innovative games. In addition, 16 Gears and Scopely, focusing on hypercasual mobile games, provide enticing avenues for creative expression.


The distribution of U-tad graduates who entered the gaming industry since 2018 is remarkably balanced. While design roles dominate with 45% being Game Designers, artistic (28%) and technical (25%) roles are represented almost equally.

Within the artistic domain, the most prevalent positions are 3D Artists (10%) and core Game Artists (5%).