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GAMEducation – the Global Association for Media Education – provides a comprehensive international ranking of video game schools and a list of studios actively hiring new graduates.

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The most comprehensive ranking of game schools in the world based on postgraduate career placement.  We analyze the game industry around the world and identify the best schools through academics and alumni careers.

AI and education

Training courses that claim to teach AI often focus on the use of AI tools rather than the creation of AI itself. With AI tools being updated almost weekly...

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based on career placement and student projects

which studios recruit the most ENTRY-LEVEL CANDIDATES?

Here are our studio rankings, by continent and country, based on graduate recruitment:

what are the VIDEO game professions ? 

Video game professions encompass a wide range of roles involved in the complete production process of a video game. These include creation and design, development, technology, art, and economics.

Certain technical professions in video game development, such as programming, may require skills in mathematics, dynamics, AI, statistics, and player data. 

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A ranking in phase with the market

Our study is primarily based on two key aspects:

1 An analysis of the positions obtained by recent graduates who have been recruited by video game development studios in the past five years. These career paths serve as the primary criteria for ranking the schools. 

2 An evaluation of the video game projects completed by students during their academic journey. These prototypes serve as another important criterion as they demonstrate a school's ability to create immersive and professional environments. We assess the projects based on their level of completion, visual quality, gameplay mechanics, originality, innovation, and the emotions they evoke. Additionally, we consider their performance in prestigious industry competitions such as the Unity Awards and IGF Awards.

What is a VIDEO game school ?

A video game school provides comprehensive training in one or more video game professions. 

Some schools even assist students in establishing their own companies to market their games.

The first schools of this kind emerged in the late 1990s and early 2000s, focusing specifically on these fields. Subsequently, around 2010, mainstream colleges and universities began offering game courses and degree programs. 


The video game industry's evolution and gamers' new practices continually intersect with other sectors, giving rise to new professions: 

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#1 THE University of utah

 Salt Lake City, USA

The University of Utah created its first video game training program in 2007 with a Bachelor's degree in Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE), followed in 2010 by a Master's degree in Computer Science including video games, which in 2013 became a Master's degree in Entertainment Arts & Engineering focusing specifically on video game design. A Bachelor in Game was added in 2017.



Rudra: A Tale of Time (2023). High-quality graphics action RPG inspired by Hindu scriptures, set in a beautiful architectural environment.

The Unfallens: Awakening (2023). Dark, fantasy-themed, soul-like action-packed boss battle game with imaginative settings and original character design.

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The primary studios that have hired University of Utah graduates since 2019 are:

These top-tier studios, recruiting recent graduates from the University of Utah, are all globally recognized and heavily invest in their games. Blizzard Entertainment, WB Games / Avalanche, and Rockstar Games stand out for the sophistication of their AAA productions; Riot Games and Electronic Arts (EA) for their diverse range of games, including AAA titles as well as mobile and AA games, thus offering a variety of career opportunities. Visual Concepts and Bungie also make significant contributions to the industry, each with their own specializations and unique contributions, enriching the career paths of young graduates.


The distribution of University of Utah alumni within the video game industry who graduated since 2019 is well-balanced, with all functions represented and a strong emphasis on artistic roles (53%). Within the Game Artist category, the predominant positions are 3D Artists (16%) and Visual Effects Artists (10%). The percentage of Audio Designers (5%) is also higher than the average of schools studied in this ranking for 2024.

#2 isart digital 

Paris, France

Created in 2000, Isart Digital is a pure player school exclusively dedicated to video game design, particularly Game Design, and animation. 

One unique aspect of the school is the alternating school/work program. Practiced on a weekly basis, it serves as a source of motivation for students who work on real projects over an extended period, facilitating their integration into the industry. 

The school offers 11 diploma programs divided into three categories: Video Games, 3D-FX, and Cinema Animation. 

Admission is selective, especially for the Game Design program, which remains the flagship program of the school.



The students of Isart Digital produce numerous game projects that showcase excellent mastery of animation and demonstrate high visual quality.

Sikaria: A Silent Hunt (2023). A sophisticated game of intrigue set in the stunning backdrop of a mystical market in medieval India, among its strange creatures and deities.

Inkesis (2023). Adventure and puzzle game set in a timeless, mysterious city, with beautiful color harmonies.

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Main companies who have hired ISART Digital graduates since 2019

These primary recruiters focus on AAA game production, with Quantic Dream and Ubisoft at the forefront. Each of these studios operates in different genres, but all demand a high level of design and polish. Virtuos provides top-tier development and optimization support for major studios. In the intermediate range, Cyanide (A-level and mobile games) also offers interesting opportunities on diverse projects with greater creative freedom.


Isart Digital graduates recruited since 2019 in the video game industry have a varied and balanced distribution, with a predominance of artistic functions. Game Artists lead significantly (43%) ahead of Game Designers (24%), but technical functions are also well represented with 19% being Game Programmers. 

There is also a relatively significant proportion of Audio Designers (7%) compared to other schools.

#3 BUas - Breda
University of Applied Sciences

Breda, Netherlands

Founded in 1966 as NHTV, Breda offered its first game design program in 2002, followed by a game programming program in 2008. 

The training for the video game industry is well-defined and focused on two high-quality HBO (Higher Professional Education) programs : the Bachelor of Science in International Game Architecture and Design, and the Master in Game Technology. All courses are conducted in English.



Divided Skies (2023). Single player flight adventure game set in 2100s Bombay, featuring excellent mastery of 3D evolution. 

Attic Panic (2023) 2-4 player top-down rogue-like shooter with sophisticated gameplay and excellent control of game pacing.


The main companies who have hired Breda University of Applied Sciences graduates since 2019 are:

These leading recruiters of graduates from Breda University of Applied Sciences since 2019 range from prestigious studios (Guerrilla, Hangar 13) to AA studios (Triumph, Climax), indie (Stitch Heads), or virtual reality-focused (Vertigo). As for NeoBards and King Art, these are independent studios that produce a varied range encompassing everything from AAA games to mobile games. All share the commonality of developing high-quality games that require substantial production resources and offer great opportunities for recent graduates.

The distribution of graduates from Breda University who have entered the gaming industry since 2019 shows a well-balanced career profile. 35% of graduates are Game Designers, 25% hold technical positions, and 33% are Game Artists, which is a significantly high proportion compared to other schools. Among these, the Character Artists (14%), and 3D Artists (10%), and Tech Artists (7%) are particularly well-represented.

This distribution not only aligns with the industry's needs but also reflects the school's ability to train competent professionals in all disciplines.

#4 Rubika

  Valenciennes, France

Created in 2013 from the merger of the Higher Institute of Design (1988), Supinfocom (animation, 1988), and Supinfogame (video games, 2001), Rubika Valenciennes can be described as a "pure player" school. Indeed, all of its programs train students in digital technology, with half of them dedicated to video games and animation.

The school opened a campus in Montreal, Canada, in 2016 and established partnerships with digital vocational schools in Montbeliard, France, Pune, India, Nairobi, Kenya, and Vietnam. Each year, it trains over 1,300 students in total.



Rubika students have developed very successful games during their studies, often comparable to those produced by professional studios, and have received regular awards in various competitions such as GDWC (Game Development World Championship), Ping Awards, Unity Awards, Imagine Cup...

The school has released more than 50 student game projects since 2020, demonstrating impressive talent and mastery level.

Starry Bloom (2023). 3rd-person exploration game set on a planet with a beautifully colored environment, demonstrating excellent design mastery.

All is Gray (2023). Single player turn-based infiltration game featuring rescue operations in a war-torn city. Detailed realistic settings, beautiful graphics, and sophisticated gameplay.


Main video game studios that have recruited Rubika alumni since 2019:

These studios are all high quality and offer a wide range of career opportunities in the gaming industry. Prestigious studios like Ubisoft, Asobo Studio, and Quantic Dream, known for producing AAA games, have accounted for about half of Rubika graduates' recruitment since 2019. Sloclap and Fortiche Production, developers of high-quality AA games, have accounted for nearly a quarter. 

In a different genre, Oh BiBi, a mobile and hypercasual games studio, also provides excellent opportunities to apply talents and creativity.


Since 2019, students from Rubika have primarily occupied artistic roles (47%) and design roles (41%). Within the Game Artists category, the most represented positions are 3D Artists (13%) and Character Artists (6%).

#5 DigiPen Institute of Technology 

Redmond, Washington, USA

DigiPen Institute of Technology was the first school to offer a video game programming training program in 1994, with the support of Nintendo Co., Ltd. In 1998, the Institute opened a campus in Redmond, WA, in partnership with Nintendo Software Technology, a video game developer. Almost all of its programs are closely related to video games, making it the most specialized American institution in this field.

Originally, DigiPen focused primarily on computer engineering and programming, but over the past decade, it has expanded to include game art and 3D animation. The Bachelor's program in Digital Art and Animation focuses on artistic creation in video game and animation production pipelines.

The Institute opened a campus in Singapore in 2008 and in Bilbao, Spain, in 2011.


Video game programs fall into five categories:


Green Reaper (2023). An intense third-person combat game set in a rich and imaginative vegetal universe.

DeltaBlade 2700 Re:Create (2023). A competitive multiplayer brawler featuring fast-paced sword combat.

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 Top companies that have hired alumni from DigiPen Institute of Technology who graduated since 2019:

All of these studios have excellent reputations, especially Nintendo, Microsoft, and Ubisoft. But even smaller-sized studios like IllFonic, and PlayEveryWare, which mainly produce AA games or games for mobile, are important players in the video game industry. 

The profile of these top employers reflects DigiPen Institute of Technology's ability to provide the necessary education to succeed in this industry and create high-quality games.


The distribution of graduates from DigiPen Institute who entered the video game industry since 2019 shows a near-equivalence of technical (34%) and artistic positions (32%), with a significant presence of Game Designers (29%). The most represented artistic roles are 3D Artists (8%) and Visual Effects Artists (6%). The proportion of Audio Designers is also higher than that of graduates from other schools.

This distribution reflects the needs of the industry and market trends in the video game industry since 2019, as well as the academic profile of the school, which is remarkably well-balanced between technical, artistic, and design disciplines.